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Sarsen Collection for TRNK

The Sarsen Collection by MKCA is a sofa and carpet collection designed for TRNK.

In designing the collection, we were looking for a design language that would be relevant to the way we use spaces today. Sarsens are seating and rugs, created as spatial building blocks and social connectors – deliberately open-ended and designed to be configured and positioned in a multitude of ways, in many types of spaces.

Drawing inspiration from joinery, the seating’s asymmetrical distribution of heft and lift ensures visual continuity across numerous configurations. Some corners of the furniture elements are hefty and grounded, while other edges are cantilevered above the floor. The irregular shapes of the rugs reinforce the multidirectional nature of the collection, grounding a space without giving it hard boundaries.

The intersection of fat legs and thick cushions are the foundation of the modular upholstered seating system. Built around a daybed rather than a formal sofa, the system is inherently social. Intended to comfortably occupy the edges or the middle of a space and to create eddies and flows around and in between, it creates opportunities for friends and family to cluster, or for strangers to share a single piece of furniture while preserving personal space. The pieces are compact but hefty and allow for sitting upright, lounging back, nestling in corners, perching on arms and legs, and facing in or out.

The carpets, born of a similar design language, are deliberately non-rectangular and anticipate asymmetrical seating arrangements. The design of the pieces is based on notching and joining, with a figuration that emerges from the carpet’s pile, texture, and color. The smaller carpets can nestle into spaces between furniture, defining the space of an intimate gathering or a small living space, or be scaled and clustered to the size of a room that supports many groupings.

The Sarsen collection features 22 pieces available at the TRNK Showroom at 18 Jay St. in Tribeca and on


MKCA Team: Natasha Harper, Rachel LeFevre, Robinson Strong, Michael K. Chen

Manufacturer: TRNK